Value Factors: A Look at Your Company Through the Eyes of a Buyer


A comprehensive guide to the 54 factors that matter most

Have you ever wondered what the value of your company is now? Or what it could be in the future?

Try looking through another lens. We’ve combined the insights we’ve gathered from multiple practice groups and years of experience advising buyers to identify specific value factors that guide every transaction. With this knowledge, you can know exactly how to evaluate and—more importantly—maximize value in your company.

Our guide breaks down value assessment into six important categories: personal, business operations, legal and regulatory, financial, economic and market factors.

It’s understood that a buyer will examine your company’s financial health, but a successful transition depends on knowing which other questions will be asked, including:

  • How does a buyer’s understanding of your exit plan affect a sale?
  • Could family and shareholder relations have a big impact on a deal?
  • What does a buyer look for in your management team?
  • Why is it important to proactively identify opportunities for your company to grow
  • How do your insurance policies affect value?
  • What kind of corporate structure is most suitable?
  • Is the M&A market favorable for your company?

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