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Member and Risk Advisory & Assurance Services Practice Leader

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Scheduled Events

ISC West

  • April 10, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV | Implementing a Vendor Management Program

AICPA Engage 2024

  • June 3, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV | Understanding a Successful Vendor Management Program
  • June 5, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV | Understanding Issues Encountered in SOC Engagements
  • June 5, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV | CITP Credential’s Impact on the CPA Landscape

Vistage Worldwide

  • June 20, 2024 | St. Paul, MN | ESG and the Risk to Business
  • September 10, 2024 | Birmingham, Alabama | Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity
  • September 24, 2024 | Birmingham, Alabama | Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity
  • September 25, 2024 | Birmingham, Alabama | Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity
  • September 26, 2024 | Birmingham, Alabama | Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity

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Speaking Topics

Creating a Cybersecurity Awareness Culture

This presentation focuses on the threat of cybersecurity and loss of data and helps an organization understand how to protect its people and information. We will explore the different opportunities hackers use to gather information and what to do if loss of data has occurred. We will also address the areas of solid IT controls and provide examples for securing information throughout the IT environment.

This session will explore the importance of technology controls and processes that help a company remain safe in the ever-changing world with cybersecurity as the number one threat to businesses. We will explore what threats are out there, how to combat them and why they are prevalent and general information technology controls that an organization can put into place to secure their organization. This session is focused on all individuals within an organization - from CEOs and CFOs to IT Personnel. All individuals in an organization should understand the importance of solid technology-related controls to keep the healthcare organization as safe as possible.

Past Speaking Engagements:
  • Vistage Worldwide | April 2023 | Houston, TX
  • LSCPA Controller Conference | March 2023 | Baton Rouge, LA 
  • Vistage CEO Group | February 2023 | Monterey, CA
  • BDO | October 2022 | Webinar
  • ASCPA's Financial Accounting & Auditing Conference | September 2022 | Montgomery, AL
  • FBI Los Angeles (Presentation and Roundtable) | January 2021 | Webinar
ESG and Sustainability

This session provides an overview of what ESG is for a company and how they need to be prepare for and respond to questions regarding sustainability. We will explore the frameworks used by companies to gather and report on their responses to ESG and provide updates to changes in the environments. We will also explore the response to ESG by regulatory bodies including the SEC and AICPA.

Past Speaking Engagements:
  • Manufacture Alabama | September 2023 | Point Clear, AL
  • Georgia Society of CPAs | April & August 2023 | Atlanta, GA
  • Indiana Society of CPAs | June 2023 | Indianapolis, IN
  • BDO Alliance Conference | May 2023 | Las Vegas, NV 
  • Louisiana Society of CPAs' Oil and Gas Conference | December 2022 | Baton Rouge, LA 
  • GSCPA Business & Industry Conference | November 2022 | Atlanta, GA
Internal Controls: From A to Z and Why to How

This session will explore the importance of internal controls to the organization. We will explore all concepts related to internal control - from the COSO model, fraud-related topics/ideas, accounting internal controls, enterprise-wide internal controls and common IT controls. We will understand WHY internal controls are important and HOW to go about implementing solid internal controls to make your organization better.

Past Speaking Engagements:
  • ASPPA | October 2020 | Webinar
  • ACUIA | October 2018 | Nashville, TN
  • Vistage | August 2018 | Huntsville, AL
Understanding Big Data and Data Analysis

This session explores the concept of Big Data and Data Analysis. From understanding what Big Data is and why it is important to utilizing data analysis techniques to make better accounting and business decisions. We will explore the security issues of Big Data. We will show examples of data analysis techniques and best practices for finance and accounting departments to better predict revenue, expenses, potential fraud, waste and unknown issues that exist within the data of the organization.

Past Speaking Engagements:
  • NASAA Conference | March 2023 | St. Louis, MO
  • ARELLO Investigators Conference | October 2021 | Birmingham, AL
  • North America Securities Administrators Association | August 2021 | Miami, FL
Understanding the Internet of Things

This session will explore the concept of the Internet of Things and explain how business organizations can better their processes, outcomes and procedures to grow and innovate. This presentation can be modified to include other emerging technology topics as they relate to the accounting, auditing and advisory space, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic processing automation.

Past Speaking Engagements:
  • AICPA | October 2022 | Emerging Technologies Webinar
  • Florida Chapter HFMA | March 2021 | Webinar
  • Financial Crimes Meeting - SSA | March 2019 | Birmingham, AL
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This session will explore some of the latest technology updates related to business and how the future will be impacted by aritificial intelligence.  We will discuss updates to AI – including GenAI (ChatGPT) and how your business can benefit from its capabilities as well as understand the security and usage concerns.  We will walk through some practical use cases for your business.

  • ASCPA | Summer Education Conference – Orange Beach, AL | July 2023
Understanding Vendor Management Programs

This session will explore the security control related to third-party vendor management programs. We will talk through the concept of not outsourcing responsibility and accountability as it relates to working with third-party vendors. An essential part of any cybersecurity program and a requirement for most cyber liability insurance programs, we will communicate the why, what and how to implement a robust third-party vendor management policy and program.  We will talk through some third-party horror stories – more than what is in the daily news.  We will also review common reports that are used during the review – such as SOC reports – and talk about what is being communicated and how to scrutinize the reports for maximum effectiveness. 

What Attendees Say

Paul has great command of the information and was able to hold the group's attention as well as engage them throughout the presentation. Also, he was able to take what can be an intimidating and boring topic and make it interesting and applicable. Very organized, very clear, and very sensitive to the desires of the audience.

Paul provided a fantastic presentation. Real world application, direct and to the point, flexible with answering questions, connected to the group, very personable.

Paul is an engaging speaker who interacted well with the group and seemed genuine in his willingness to help everyone understand how the topic impacted their businesses.