Government Contracting Accounting and Passing DCAA Audits with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Users, does your company have oversights that could cause you to fail a DCAA audit?

Government contractors face a number of obstacles when it comes to compliance. Potential issues can range from inaccurate accounting system data that can result in over billings, under billings, inaccurate profitability forecasting, poor business decisions and even failed DCAA audits.

With the unique needs of the government contracting industry, it’s crucial to have an understanding of potential DCAA compliance issues when it comes to QuickBooks.

Watch our 45-minute webinar to learn everything you should know about:

  • DCAA Compliance
  • Indirect Pools
  • Indirect Rate Structures
  • Unbilled Receivables and Revenue Recognition
  • Accounting System Application
  • Direct Costs by Job
  • Segregation of Unallowable Costs

Federal Contracting makes up a large percentage of our total revenue, and because of this, we thought we were really good at handling our own DCAA compliance and GAAP accounting methods needs. That is until we engaged with Warren Averett. They have set us on a path toward full compliance and have given us different perspectives. Their small tweaks and recommendations have been very refreshing and revealed some blind spots that we’ve been able to improve."

– Brian Mayfield, Atlantic Tech

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