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Costs associated with data breaches reached $4.24 million in 2021—the highest in the past 17 years!* And this number is only expected to grow, as businesses continue to become more connected and mobile.

How can you best protect your organization?

Let us help you with the first step of forming a game plan! Get practical advice from one of Warren Averett Technology Group’s cybersecurity pros—for free—in a brief phone call. We’ll walk through:

  • Answers to your top questions and personalized recommendations based on your assessment score
  • Core components of cybersecurity for small- and medium-size businesses
  • How to minimize your organization’s particular vulnerabilities with lowest resource use
  • Advice on the most effective ways for you to meet industry standards when it comes to security policies, monitoring, recovery planning and more

Access Warren Averett Technology Group’s clear, actionable advice for getting your cybersecurity approach up to speed—at no cost or commitment.

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* Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM, 2021.

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