R&D Tax Credits: A Comprehensive Guide to the Tax Savings Opportunity All Businesses Should Know About

A Comprehensive Guide to R&D Tax Credits

What Should You Know About the R&D Tax Credit?

When it comes to understanding tax savings, the R&D tax credit is one that many companies struggle to understand and is also underutilized.

While you should work with your accounting team to determine if your company is eligible and if you’re taking full advantage of this tax credit, there are a few essential issues that every business should understand related to the R&D tax credit.

Our comprehensive guide covers these questions, issues, and more:

  • What is the R&D tax credit?
  • How can a company benefit from R&D tax credits?
  • How is the R&D tax credit calculated?
  • Specific state R&D tax credits
  • Industries that typically use the tax credit
  • Frequently asked questions

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